Manual Cold Lamination Machine


Manual Cold Lamination Machine


size :29.5″

  • Description


  •  Maximum Laminating Width:29.5“(750mm),Maximum Laminating Thickness: 1″(25mm),Roller Diameter: 2.5″
  • Adjustable Laminating Thickness ,Up to 1In(25mm),Adjustable Roller Position Suitable for Various Material Thickness
  • All Metal Construction for Heavy Duty Commercial and Professional Uses.More stable and sturdy, ensuring no wrinkles on the surface of the product during work
  • Good Preservative Waterproof And Excellent Performance, Through Process Of Laminating, The Graphics Will Be Fresh, Colorfast, Non-Yellowing
  • This Method Is Now Widely Applied In Wedding Photography, Spraying And Painting As Well As Mounting Of Poster, Advertising Photograph, Book Cover, Document, Calligraphy And Painting, Invitations And More